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WILT's second full length release, recorded by Jesse O'Donnell at the Autopsy Room, Tacoma, 2016. Distributed by Profane Existence in the USA and neanderthal.stench in the EU.


released June 30, 2017



all rights reserved


WILT Seattle, Washington

WILT was started in mid 2010 after the disbanding of SWORMING. Greg ,Heather and Jory set out to look for new members to start a new project. that's when we found Rob and Zach to complete WILT for our Demo. Rob moved on to join THEORIES we recruited Brian Spenser soon after the disbanding of Asymmetric Warfare.
currant lineup

ZACH-guitar & vocals
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Track Name: Cold Road of Despair
I bring panic havoc I wreak I am harmless safety I seek I am cursed Petty hatreds feast This is my affliction What am I I cannot advance I cannot go back Optionless I flounder xenophobia bears no release My world destroyed when I escape I become trapped by a system of fear and hate Curtains drawn doorways dark backs turned contempt for me it is a cold road ahead No respite all hope is gone no escape our lives held in sway of those who can't relate I scream in despair but I make no noise I am seen but I I am ignored Trapped by the policies you made what am I my future remains unknown trapped like cattle without a home what dignity is left for one like me you'd rather I'd be forgotten with no dignity
Track Name: Sermon for the Bootlickers
Despite the inculcation of helplessness Within each there remains great power Ill at ease with such ease as makes us ill Learn to see the hand that feeds for what it is You've been fooled if you think you've got no power Refuse to be reduced to a consumer you're a human being Define yourself By more than wealth Define yourself As a human You don't need what you're being sold Bend your knee to no authority but your own mind You have the power to avoid the gilded trap Avarice is what you're conditioned for Break the mold discover whats really valuable to you
Track Name: Punisher of Faith
Down the well again miles of darkness crushed and discouraged punisher of faith peace of mind is rare enough to find without losing your faith in human kind when you play with fire prepare for the burns, but when you play with arsonists some things you never learn Lost and abandoned so secure in our fate that they have planned for our inclusion our blind obedience has led us astray but though choice may be an illusion we must attempt to change our position we must come to see we've been enslaved peace of mind is rare enough to find without learning from it you're a bitter fucking waste If you work you can become a blade tempered by the forge's glow hammered and remade
Track Name: Fertile
Ripping out from the inside Asphyxiation ensues Poisoned through thoughtless consumption Escape the womb Another excuse for failure The needle breaks through Submerged in noxious fluid Festering wound This selfish choice Habitual neglect Prebirth addiction Force fed regret Just one more Untarnished Breath of air Your choices have left you blind Shrouded in darkness Devoid of clues Withering in silence Through this consumption Ritual abuse breaking the cycle of torment Drained by the host Shriveled mummified cradle Sever the cord Collapse of internal being Crippling embrace Eating away at the decay Vicariously tortured Chemical imbalance Tranquility in death Drowning in acid Regrets and sadness Consumption and death
Track Name: Initiation Rites
you said I'd be reborn Absolved of all I've said and done This sacrament I have been cleansed With eyes clenched shut I swallow all bullshit I reject this christening Foolish flight of fancy Harming the minds of many I reject this christening Indoctrination to a lie Closing off our hearts and minds Feeding our apathy So many hung up on a lie I reject Your control Pull back the wool Blind for so long Make yourself see Peel back the facade
Track Name: Sterile
We live hand to mouth barely scraping through life impoverished yet content till you take it away Wallets fattened at an early age destroying the culture which you crave you move out minorities first and those who can't make the wage you use your money to prevail and leave a sterile cage. Gentrification, gentrificationers Naive with privilege from elsewhere they flock to the city to bear plundered riches plowing before them to ensure their place to disrupt the balance of what once was this place Recourse action beckons despairing of what's to come only to live on without means how long before it takes up all we've been driven to our knees and shown that we are lesser Stark white homogenization sterile desolation
Track Name: Scarecrow
In the light you are weak In darkness you thrive Hellbent for freedom Sewn suffering Reaped control Cycle of pain Destroys your soul Sewn suffering Reaped control Kept divided Held in thrall Baleful eyes Watch all your life Until you die Scarecrow is watching you You are being raised For slaughter and profit your fear his dominance over you Scarecrow watching
Track Name: Salt Mine
Held inside invisible walls you cannot breathe Blinding light that drowns the strain of conciseness This vicious plight born into servitude Work or prison starved to death left to rot forgot Comatose reluctantly awaken from morphine drip Parasite feeding on our will to live I resit. Take my hand I spit my own blood in my oppressors face Salt mine Work camp Oil blood Extinguish the sun Awaken death
Track Name: Isolation
Breathe Deep Heavy chest Forced breath Cold World Grinding teeth Hollow bone Absent Numb Broken mind Left behind Wasted life Fear Trapped Hollow Emptiness Silence Echos Through Absent thought Sky Falls Upon Distant plane Of Existence In which We all suffer Crawling Bloody Wounded In the mind